Picture Yourself Becoming an Ethical Hacker Now (Beginner’s Guide)

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What You’ll Learn

Why Hardwork is the Key to Success

Unlike other professions, cybersecurity evolves so fast as whatever you’re taught today may be less useful tomorrow.

Types of Hackers And Why They Hack

1 — Ethical Hacker

2 — Black-Hat Hacker

3 — Grey Hat Hacker

4 — Script Kiddies

5 — Blue Hat Hackers

6 — Hacktivists

And apart from this classification structure, there are almost a hundred titles used to identify every hacker irrespective of why they hack, we have titles like the app security administrator, blockchain engineer, bug bounty hunter, automotive security architect, digital forensic investigator, cryptographer, cryptanalyst and so on (50 Cybersecurity Titles Every Job Seekers Should Know About)

Why Hackers Are the Liberators and the Defenders of the Internet? And Why You Should Buy Their Philosophies?

Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System

All hackers have charged us to evolve and develop, even though some are bad guys, but many are working endlessly to fight government corruption, corporate irregularities and advocate for human rights. Hackers are the true reason the internet is still working. By exposing vulnerabilities, they’ve all pushed the Internet to become stronger and healthier, wielding their power to create a better world. To a real hacker, it isn’t about cash, hacking is about making the world a better place for everyone to live. And that is why hackers would continue to be important to the stability and the future of the web.

1 — Hackers Believe Knowledge Should Be Granted to Every Human at No Cost Because They Believe Best Work Comes From Global Curation

2 — Hackers Love to Promote Decentralization of Power Because They Believe Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

3 — Hackers Are Meritocratic, They Respect Your Value, Not Your Age, Race or Gender

Yes, hacking knowledge could be used to commit fraud and steal people’s money. But, remember that heavy consequences await every intent behind an attack. That is why every country has laws prohibiting online identity theft and intrusion into computer systems. That is to say, a sloppy mistake means you rot in jail.

A malicious hacking or you break the law or you make a slushy blunder, you might be the next criminal hacker behind bars. And if these clever guys could have become FBI most wanted, who else won’t?

Check the list of the current FBI most wanted cybercriminals and here is a brief history you can learn from.

1 — Dark Dante

2 — Albert Gonzalez

3 — Cracka

4 — Max Ray ‘Iceman’ Butler

5 — Astra

6 — Jonathan James

You can also check the list of the current cybersecurity legend and here is a shortlist of some hacking legends you can also emulate.

1 — Jeff Moss

2 — Nicholas Allegra

3 — Kevin Mitnick

4 — Steve Wozniak

5 — Linus Torvalds

Sure, a normal ethical hacker doesn’t earn as much as the elite guys, you just read about, do. But wait, a normal criminal hacker doesn’t make as much as prominent cybercriminals do too, because to successfully lead a malicious attack that draws millions of dollars overnight, no common criminal hacker does that, you also have to be extremely powerful to be that dangerous. It isn’t because ethical hacking is unrewarding, an average hacker doesn’t earn a seven-figure salary as some elite hackers do, if you’re outstanding you would earn that much. There is no point being a criminal, so far ethical hacking rewards as much. Just be an outstanding hacker, yes you can. Many ethical guys have made millions off bug bounty hunting (Famous Bug Bounty of All-Time) and those great guys you just read about do too.

How to Make Money Hacking And Not Getting Arrested By the Police (Without a College Degree)

1 — Teach Cybersecurity

2 — Participate in Bug Bounty Programs

#3. Write Software Security

Hacking is if Twitter permits 140 characters, a hacker would think of how to go beyond that, and nobody teaches you that in school.

However, this saying doesn’t erase the fact that if you attend a university and obtain relevant certificates, you easily thrive in the corporate world much more than when you possess no certificate. So, if possible, get a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or Cybersecurity. Obtain OSCP, CEH, CCNA, Security +, CISSP, TICSA, GIAC, OSCP, and other relevant certificates that would make up an impressive cybersecurity career.

Problems With Chat Rooms That Promise To Make You a Hacker in 24 Hours (How Not to Become a Script Kiddy)

You have in your hand a book that would show you how to hack without having a reason to rack your brain much or give your uncle a headache. This is a bit by bit, detailed and comprehensive approach to becoming a hacker. Let’s get started, buddy.

Hacking is very easy, you don’t have to do a lot of handwork as everything you need is prepared for you already. Neglect coding, it’s boring and frustrating. Wave it off. And don’t bother yourself with C, C++, or Assembly language, those struggles were for hackers in the 1990s, not hackers today.

These days, modern hackers have been provided with legit hacking tools. And that’s why this book begins by telling you to download Linux OS like Parrot, Kali, and Backbox (they are with powerful hacking tools you could use).

There is an incredible secret of hacking and you won’t get it elsewhere, but only from this book you just bought. One of the secrets is that there are shells that would help you deceive people into thinking that you’ve hacked someone or the website they want you to hack for them. Those shells are c33, r160 and z64. This book will teach you how to use them.

This book won’t waste your time educating you on exploit development, EIP or ESP, as it prefers to save your energy and get you on track soonest by telling you to download any exploit-DB or Packet Storm in the chapter four of this book.

Much more, this book will teach you how to use SubSeven, DarkComet RAT, Lost Door RAT, Wifite, and Fern Wifi Cracker. And we will also train you on how to implement Burp Suite Professional’s Active scanning always when auditing web apps…

But what you become with that is a script kiddy and it is dangerous (How Not to Become a Script Kiddy).

1 — Learn How to Build Sophisticated Hacking Weapons

2 — A script kiddy unknowingly gives away his personal information when using (but malicious) scripts he downloads from the internet

3 — A script kiddy might be convicted of an unintended cybercrime

How to Become a Hacker

Even though tough work is required to become an elite hacker, learning to hack is quite simple because it depends on your brain and your ability to operate a computer and study a lot. So, you have less to worry about. In this section, I’ll share with you the basic knowledge every new hacker should learn and how to set up your hacking lab (for a beginner). Let’s proceed.

1 — Learn How to Code

2 — Keep Yourself Private

3 — Interact with Command Prompt & Use Linux Operating System

4 — Understand Networking and Security Concepts & Database Management Systems

I think it depends on you, where you want to start. But, here are the three sections of hacking and their programming dialects.

#1. Web Hacking and Pentesting

#2. Exploit Writing

#3. Reverse Engineering

How to Set Up Your Hacking Lab (Beginner’s Lab)

1 — Purchase a Responsive Laptop

2 — Rent a Quiet Space

3 — Set Up a Virtual Machine on Your PC

4 — Download Kali and Run It on VM

5 — Download Windows OS and Run Them on VM

6 — Download Metasploitable

7 — Download Old Applications

Textbooks For New Hackers (With Other Hacking Books)

For more books on cybersecurity, select and read from the essential reads of some hackers here. Among those books are books that would forever set you on the fire and keep you burning with passion.

For awesome hacking resources, visit here.

Who to Follow on Twitter

Also, realize that there are many websites and social media pages out there you may follow in order to keep yourself informed about and fed with everything happening in the cyberworld. “And if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants” — Issac Newton

  1. Tripwire(twitter.com/TripwireInc): Provides cybersecurity solutions for businesses. With cyber experts dishing out tips on hacking.
  2. Security Affairs (twitter.com/securityaffairs): Founded by Pierluigi Paganini. Runs platforms on cybersecurity subjects (social networks, hacktivists, and cyberwarfare). Worth following him.
  3. Eweek (twitter.com/eWEEKNews): Started way back in 1984. Hacking news and tips.
  4. Threatpost (https://twitter.com/threatpost): Cast a very wide net over hacking with news, commentaries, and analysis.
  5. The Hacker News (twitter.com/TheHackersNews): Best cybersecurity articles. Nothing more.
  6. BetaNews (twitter.com/BetaNews): All subjects on information technology. User’s privacy and security.
  7. Ghacks (twitter.com/ghacks): Founded in Germany. Focuses on keeping the internet safe.
  8. OccupytheWeb (twitter.com/three_cube): The best Twitter handle for wannabe hackers.
  9. CSO Online (twitter.com/CSOonline): Cybersecurity, with extensive analysis and research on the various online threats posed by hackers.
  10. Security Week (twitter.com/SecurityWeek): Cybersecurity news, threats, insights, and expert analysis.
  11. Security weekly (twitter.com/securityweekly): Founded by Paul Asadoorian. Smart. And informative.
  12. Dark Reading (twitter.com/DarkReading): Data protection versus user’s access.

How to Break Into Hacking With No Experience When All You Got is Passion

The irrefutable fact is that the number keeps exploding. If there is any time we need to secure people’s information, this is the time. And that’s why an average ethical hacker could easily earn about $100,000 per annum.

The internet is blowing more and more. With the number of hackers we have in markets, it is true we need more. We can’t wait for you to graduate before we see you, work on our projects (that is the voice of many companies out there, there are a lot of opportunities for you to taste and feel good about).

Get to Know the Difference Between Traditional Ethical Hacker and Hacker-Powered Security

1 — Company’s Ethical Hacker

2 — Bug Bounty Hunter

Let’s look into how you could barge into any of the two with little or no experience.

How to Become a Company’s Ethical Hacker With Little Experience (Cybersecurity Internship)

When you join a company as an intern you ain’t required to know much. Many companies don’t even expect you to know much about programming, you’re all welcomed. And with the first little experience you had, you’re all set for it.

All you’re required of is to come early to work, assist the real hackers employed by the company, hang up with them at lunch, work with them till they leave, then repeat that for months, you would have learned a lot (meanwhile you get your allowance every month).

It is easier done than said when you know what to do.

Trial 1: Get your phone and make calls to the nearest IT firm in your area or send cold emails. Tell them you’re passionate about cybersecurity and you would like to intern at their place. (Proceed to 2, if it doesn’t work)

Trial 2: Get on LinkedIn. Create an enviable LinkedIn profile for yourself as a cybersecurity enthusiast. Make posts that set you up for an internship. Or drop some message in some IT top guys' that you would like to intern as cybersecurity this or that. (Do the same thing on Quora, Facebook, and Reddit).

Trial 3: Start branding yourself by demonstrating an authentic passion for hacking. Create an online portfolio. Participate in cybersecurity local speaking event and network with meets. Tell your meets what you want — internship.

Trial 4: Go to indeed, glassdoor or monster. Upload your resume, be ready to hit as many as you can hit.

How to Become a Bug Bounty Hunter With Little Experience (All You Need: Email Address)

Let’s look at some bug bounty platforms.

#1. Bugcrowd

#2. HackerOne

#3. Vulnerability-Lab

#4. BountyFactory

#5. Synack

#6. Google

#7. Facebook

#8. Amazon

#9. GitHub & Microsoft

Your pay depends largely on the value of the bug and the company concerned. GitHub could pay as much as $20000, some cheaper companies might offer $250. You might not win cash payout bounty programs as easy as you guess, get your hands on swag bug bounty programs that reward shirts and water bottles. Every elite hacker started somewhere small, be patient.

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