Decentralized Systems

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What is True Decentralization? What Does It Mean to Give Absolute Power to An Individual?

True decentralization is incomplete without autonomy, and if the power of any sort is decentralized, the gatekeepers of such power must have the independence to determine how the power will be used in and turn, and are also responsible for the consequence of any such power appropriations.

See How Making a Single Person Independently Powerful Leads to Value Creation, Not Separation

The Finnish Educational System Is Regarded As The Best All Over the World, Because Of What We've Been Talking About

With a unique system that gives teachers and even students independence and autonomy, Finland built a very unique educational system, DECENTRALIZATION CREATES UNIQUENESS.

Once again, as any system drives towards decentralization/autonomy, you always see a theme of strong connection or oneness.

The idea behind the decentralized system isn’t to build selfish or totally individualistic structures or systems, in fact, the idea behind such autonomous structures is to build strong and sustainable communities.

Just like authors Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson point out in their thought-provoking book Why Nations Fail, giving people genuine autonomy and making democracy a second nature, was key to why certain nations are prosperous and why others have collapsed.

Why Facebook and Microsoft Prosper So Much?

What crime did they commit: they can become monopolies? But why are they monopolies? The reason they are monopolies is this:

Even Google’s growth was dependent on how much value they could give people (individually), why do you hate Bitcoin ooo?

1 — Uber digitized convenience and allowed you to ride like a car owner with a driver.

2 — Airbnb digitized trust and made you access cozy homes and apartments.

3 — Netflix made you access various types of movies, by helping you personalize your entertainment experience.

And the list is endless for many other big companies. So, it’s very imperative to recognize that a decentralized system could only be sustainable by creating shared value, that is the lesson here.

So, Blockchain Isn't the Only or the First Decentralized System to Be Created

Blockchain isn’t the only or the first decentralized system to be created

Can We Apply Decentralization to Gun Laws? Should We Give Guns & Weapons to Common Citizens Themselves?

If we seek a decentralized state, people must be able to define their own security. And if everyone understood and knew how a gun works, there would be less fear centred around guns.

Don't get me wrong, the model I suggest in this proposed world is one in which every individual has the autonomy to print their own guns through a 3D Gun printer.

It’s important to stress that the importance of this gun autonomy to having a successful decentralization in our world:

But, Don't Forget This