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We were only little children when our parents and well-wishing adults started asking us what we “want to become in the future”. It is almost an inevitable phase in the life of every child and there is this glow in the eyes of a child who can confidently share her…

China’s Ambition

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China’s influence on global economics remains one of the most historical and significant ones you could ever think of. Asides from being the first to introduce a paper currency, the Chinese banking system is presently the largest banking system in the world. As if that is not enough, despite the…

Legal Framework

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It's always cool to talk about sophisticated and progressive technologies and how they can revolutionize the world. However, the influence of human beings remains a major difficulty in achieving perfection in tech. …


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Imagine a gathering of more than a hundred thousand people, and yet you are certain of ultra-high-quality simultaneous streaming of live events, immaculate speed in downloads, and access to social media platforms at high speed. Imagine a world of self-driven cars and multiple artificial intelligence channels accessible with ease. How…

Threats, Proofs

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Bitcoin might be going through one of its biggest market challenges so far, but it remains one of the most significant innovations in modern tech. The cryptocurrency was the first digital currency to shake the world and revolutionize how we think about the internet and technology. …

Improving telecommunication networks and achieving low-cost internet infrastructures.

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The demand for more inclusive structures keeps increasing. Many of us are beginning to see the need for communities and social inclusion. The argument as to whether the internet is bringing us together or pulling us apart will always be one that may never end. …

Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology and Cloud Computing

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The importance of data in modern tech can hardly be over-emphasized; because there are so many services and products, there have become so many reasons and channels for collecting user or enterprise data. Companies leverage data to improve the user experience of customers, while in-house, there is a need for…

The Beyond

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I don’t think anyone familiar with TV or video games, would not be familiar with the word “Alien”. Aliens have become common features in action-packed movies or video games. These movie franchises and entertainment platforms usually adopt the common storyline of humans trying to fight off big, strong, ‘bad’, ‘evil’…

Problems & Solutions

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Technology can be argued to be as old as man itself; various inventions like electricity, steam engines, railways, etc., have all changed the existence of man and how we view the world. However, most of these innovations have now become more of infrastructures with most governments now regulating and owning…



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