The Evolution of Modern Technology

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Technology can be argued to be as old as man itself; various inventions like electricity, steam engines, railways, etc., have all changed the existence of man and how we view the world. However, most of these innovations have now become more of infrastructures with most governments now regulating and owning these spaces. The more recent definition of technology is one that is mostly borne from the invention of the world wide web in 1989. The internet remains one of the most important innovations of mankind and a springboard for most of the massive strides made by man in recent times…

The internet was supposed to be an infrastructure that gave everyone access to self-actualize and create value no matter how competitive it became, but we are failing at that.

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When the worldwide web was invented in 1989, it ushered in a new way of looking at the world; various types of internet solutions and technology companies began to spring up. The web became the most talked-about infrastructure of modern times as man continued to find more ways to create and share value.

The beauty of the web is that it is not just a solution or digital product, but it was invented as an infrastructure for other internet related solutions to be built upon, and it hasn’t really failed in that regards as we have seen the rise of…

Why these three will define the future of modern tech?

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The importance of data in modern tech can hardly be over-emphasized; because there are so many services and products, there have become so many reasons and channels for collecting user or enterprise data. Companies leverage data to improve the user experience of customers, while in-house, there is a need for effective data accumulation for record-keeping and effective operations. As we clamor and advocate for more frictionless operations in our businesses and everyday activities, we simultaneously create a channel for more data to be collected and used in order to automate processes.

In fact, the entire reason why we say companies…

In an infinite Universe, there must be other life. There is no bigger question. It is time to commit to finding the truth” – Stephen Hawking

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I don’t think anyone familiar with TV or video games, would not be familiar with the word “Alien”. Aliens have become common features in action-packed movies or video games. These movie franchises and entertainment platforms usually adopt the common storyline of humans trying to fight off big, strong, ‘bad’, ‘evil’ or flesh-eating creatures who are from another planet and plan to take over the world. The protagonists in the movie or video game character have to save the world or stay alive by killing the aliens or by sending them back to their planets. In a few cases, the aliens…

How decentralized trust will unlock a decentralized future

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Almost every relationship that works, is built on the foundation of trust. Marriages, business partnerships, religious groups, cooperative societies, it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it involves more than one person and its continuity depends on the progress made, then its foundation is built on trust.

Trust is one of the most important concepts in man’s existence. It is used when we want to take a risk or take a step further in an existing relationship. We consciously or unconsciously weigh our level of trust in a person or something before we make a decision or take…

A simple guide for making better decisions

When a man is being told to act rationally, he is either being told to apply logic intelligently to a situation or to put aside his emotion in order to make an accurate decision. To act rationally is mostly ascribed with acting intelligently and optimizing the options available to you in order to make an intelligent and correct decision.

However, when it comes to our interactions with human beings, there are several schools of thought and some believe that to truly build strong bonds and better relationships, we must let ourselves be vulnerable and let our “hearts” guide and not…

A platform built by us and for us.

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The debate will always remain on whether the internet brought us together as humans or separates us the more, but what no one can deny is how powerful and important the web has become to man, especially as a tool for creating and accessing values.

The web has changed the world to a more digital one and has helped nations evolve from the exclusive brick and mortar structures into a more dynamic and fluid system for services and operations; the influence and prints of the web can be seen in financial services, agriculture, health, education, transportation and other major aspects…

The Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC) is the Government’s attempt to create an equivalent Bitcoin except for this time it would be a centralized currency just like existing fiat currencies. Therefore, the major question would be which currency would likely come out on top, if the CBDC is finally launched, and what are the likely dynamics that would be at play?

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Cryptocurrency really became a thing in 2009 after the most popular Crypto, Bitcoin, was made open source. Since then, Bitcoin’s adoption has grown massively in spite of various obstacles especially opposition from the government and mainstream investors, the opposition or resistance from the government majorly stems from the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies with the digital currencies running on decentralized structures and Blockchain technology thus bypassing any centralized financial institution including the Central banks owned by the government.

Despite the varying resistance from the government including various forms of bans in various countries, Bitcoin has grown massively in barely 10 years…

New world order is coming, but this time it would be one that would give You and I autonomy.

Sincerely, the first time I heard of the phrase ‘New World Order was when I was still a fan of World wrestling entertainment. In fact, I mostly knew the phrase in its abbreviated form, NWO. The NWO remains one of the most famous movements in World Championship Wrestling History, with famous members like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash forming a part of the very popular group in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The storyline portrayed the group as one looking to take over WCW like a street gang, the movement was an instant hit that changed the face of…


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